TOP 100 PROJECT originally came out of a personal project which I started in 2016 to make my way through the Timeout Top 100 sci-fi. My personal faves have been:

  • Flight of the Navigator [1986]
  • Forbidden Planet [1956]
  • Her [2014]
  • La Jetee [1966]
  • Seconds [1966]
  • Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse [2018]
  • The day the earth stood still [1951]
  • The Fly [1986]
  • The Man who fell to earth [1976]
  • The Thing [2011]
  • Twelve Monkeys [1996]
  • Westworld [1994]

Like science fiction? Then check out Rotten Tomatoes Top 150 list to see the best Science Fiction films of all time voted by critics and the general public. It’s updated all the time, so is the most recent list. I use this for ideas myself.


To see my current watchlist, check out my LETTERBOX watchlist page here.

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