WHAT? launched two events in 2020; THE WATCHERS and THE READERS.

THE WATCHERS is a virtual watch party. We watch one film a month hosted by Soph which is announced a week before the event. The watch party is done via TeleParty, an app that allows you to message each other while you’re checking out the action.

THE READERS is a virtual book club. We read one book a month and then chat about it online.

** We’re aiming to add more events into the mix in 2021/22 (depending on when COVID makes us able to meet in person again) including a writers workshop and film fest.


Soph selects the above, choosing creators/authors/directors/characters who are women/womxn, POC/BIPOC, LGBTQ+, disabled and/or neuro-diverse person. These events aim add more voices into the mix.


Some events are monthly. Some will be less frequent. Check out the individual event pages for more info.


All events can be found on More info available on the individual event pages.

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