Frankenstein [1931]

β€œWe are about to unfold the story of Frankenstein, a man of science who sought to create a man after his own image without reckoning upon God.”

FRANKENSTEIN! #11, so getting into the really good stuff now. It’s a fusion of classic horror and sci fi.

Fave bits were when Dr Frankenstein was like I’M NOT MENTAL. NO REALLY. I’M TOTALLY FINE. And everyone knows the truth. (psst he’s mental).

It’s okay Dr. You can be who you want to be. Your friend however is killing everyone… so erm, might be worth sorting that out.

Just like the end of Godzilla, I felt very sorry for ‘The Monster’. Totally didn’t ask to be created. And then was killed very painfully πŸ™

I would be super grouchy about people wanting to murder me too. So The Monster and I have SO MUCH in common. Watch it.

AI Artificial Intelligence [2001]

“Please make me a real boy!”

I thought this film was HEARTBREAKING. Observe: David: I thought I was one of a kind… **ACTUAL TEARS**

Basically the story of a boy trying to find love. Except the boy is actually a boy-robot. And he’s accompanied by sex-bot Jude Law.

Lots of references to Pinocchio, Tron and the Wizard of Oz. Questionnable ending. Very Spielberg. IT’S ALIENS. IT’S ALIENS. GUYS…

IT’S ALIENS. Overall, I give it a three & a half robot thumbs-up out of five. Worth a watch though some bits got my eyebrow raising.

Twelve Monkeys [1996]

“Cassandra in Greek legend, you recall, was condemned to know the future but to be disbelieved when she foretold it. Hence the agony of foreknowledge combined with the impotence to do anything about it.”

Watched Twelve Monkeys (#25 on the film4 list). Never ever seen it before. It was so freaking good I did a little cry when it had finished.

Think Science Fiction Noir, which seems to be Brucey’s fave (if you’ve seen Looper as well, you’ll see some similarities).

Lots of references throughout to time travel & memory. And lots of people trying to convince people that bad things are going to happen..

And of course, people not listening until it is too late. And those people even questioning themselves but ultimately being right.

Anyway. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it and am ashamed that I haven’t seen it before now.

A boy and his dog [1975]

“Ah war is hell.”

If you want to watch this, the full version is on YouTube πŸ™‚

So I have found more and more that I am not a big fan of a lot of 70s sci-fi films; aggressive sexism is woven into 70s films that I don’t feel in other eras.

And this film was no different really. In fact, women were treated very disrespectfully in the film. Men were incredibly violent to them.

Even the dog was. Man’s best friend. I dunno. Liked the idea that the dog was telepathic but a lot was left unexplained…

Nice idea but not my thing. Soz mate.

Watched: 10/10/2016

Forbidden Planet [1956]

“Quiet please. I am analyzing.”

I can imagine if people had seen the film in the 50s, it would have looked utterly spectacular.

Such bright colour. Robby the robot (who due to Futurama’s influences, made me giggle & remember videotape robot every time I saw it).

Obviously evil goatie doc. The cartoonesque planet set made out of cardboard. Had some obvious 50s sexist rhetoric in there which was weird.

Only weird because it is woefully old fashioned but pretending to be the future. Like The Jetsons. Wow futuristic home appliances you say?

The lady will be pleased etc etc. But hey it was aired 63(!) Years ago. Mental. I thought it was an absolute joy to watch. Loved its guts.

War of the Worlds [1953]

“…fought with the terrible weapons of super-science, menacing all mankind and every creature on Earth, comes…The War of the Worlds!”

Watched War of the Worlds, the 1953 version, #29 on Film 4. Has a v theatrical, almost stage/set kind of a feel. It has dated v badly.

Hilariously, it won an academy award for its special effects at the time but it looks v crude looking at it now, 63 years later.

Funny how townsfolk were allowed to interact with the phenomena, which would never happen. One even poked it with a pointy stick!

I think the coolest thing about this film is that it was adapted from a book that was written in 1897. 119 years ago. WHAT?!

Really cool capture of the time with WWI/WWII & nuclear & all that on peeps minds. Worth a watch once. But found the adaption dull.

Westworld [1973]

“There’s no way to get hurt in here, just enjoy yourself.”

Loved it. Great aversion to technology/technology evolution film. OH NO THEY’VE BECOME SENTIENT!

Lots of feelings of foreboding and threats of what could be. The two main characters represent two sides. One very trusting and embracing.

One very cynical mind who eventually trusts but regrets. And a relentless robot dressed like a cowboy. What’s not to love. Watch it.

Gattaca [1998]

“For someone who was never meant for this world, I must confess I’m suddenly having a hard time leaving it. Of course, they say every atom in our bodies was once part of a star. Maybe I’m not leaving… maybe I’m going home.”

Set in an elitist world where only the special people get the special things. Until this one guy.

Pretty good. Early Jude Law before he got smarmy. Doesn’t explain totally why people get genome-modification really..

Except there is one pianist with 12 fingers. But I got the impression that was a modification.. Erm. But yeah. Pretty decent.

Not my fave film thus far though. But worth a watch. (Also spot the gene-themed reference in the title.)

La Jetee [1966]

β€œ…he understood there was no way to escape Time, and that this moment he had been granted to watch as a child, which had never ceased to obsess him, was the moment of his own death.”

Really unusual film and quite unique. Black & white stills w/ the story in French. Great concept about time travel experiments.

Though the apparatus the main guy is made to wear sort of looks like someone put a bra on his eyes… Super high tech! I like that tho πŸ™‚

Deffo worth seeing this cult classic if you speak French or can find a subtitled/dubbed version. Plus it’s very short.

Moral of the story: You cannot escape time.

Slight detour – SCI-FI London Film Fest 2016!

I’ve taken a little detour from my scheduled entertainments to watch a couple films from this year’s London Sci-Fi fest.

Dolcezza Extrema followed sock puppet Pixws and his crew flying through space. IMO terrible. Plot pew pews all over the shop and really weakens the film. Relies on flash grenade type visuals to shock you into confusion that you enjoyed this film. Don’t be fooled. Burn it with fire. (Watched: 29/04/2016)

In Search of the Ultra-Sex. Surprisingly entertaining. Really well done dubbing of 100 vintage adult movies that has turned it into an actual sci fi film. Who’d have thought?! Really really well done. Would deffo watch again no question. (Watched: 29/04/2016)

Androids Dream. Different take on PKD’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’/Blade Runner. Much more bleak. I like that it looked at the androids humanity, which made their ‘retirement’ much more jarring. Worth a watch but don’t watch it with Blade Runner in mind, because they are nothing alike. (If you have a subscription to Mubi, watch it now! It’s on there for a limited time only.) (Watched: 01/05/2016)

Galaxy Quest [2000]

“By Grapthar’s hammer, you shall be avenged!”

Watched #34 Galaxy Quest from the Timeout list with Tim the toolman Taylor. Kind of ridiculous. Mostly a joke about Star Trek.

Decent enough to stand on its own. Tim plays a great The Shat aka smug commander. My favourite was Mathesar though.

What a guy-octopus.

Look at him!

Primer [2004]

“Aaron, I can imagine no way in which this thing could be considered anywhere remotely close to safe. All I know is I spent six hours in there and I’m still alive… You still want to do it?”

Whilst the science force was strong with this one, the film itself (due to its low budget, no doubt), looked and sounded as ifΒ it had been filmed by a potato. One inside a can. Not a fresh one.

Could barely hear the dialogue & thought it wasn’t well written. Even worse, the acting. In a way, it portrayed scientists realistically..

But that’s not enough to make it worthwhile. Would not recommend.