I’ve loved Science Fiction films since I was a kid. Every kid thinks they are weird and different, but I grew up in a mixed ethnicity family made to feel unwelcome. My first experience of watching Science Fiction was through Star Trek which showed me an alternate reality where diversity was celebrated and beautiful. After that I was hooked on sci-fi. I love how weird and different and amazing and confusing and beautiful and scary science fiction can be, and topics are so varied and at times, very thought-provoking.

SOPHFIFEST came about in 2016 because I wanted to see more of science fiction films. I decided to make my way through the Timeout Top100 films list starting with those I had not seen. I have since added more from friends/family and from the Rotten Tomatoes top 150 list here. My personal faves from this project and references to further reading can be seen here!

For more information about what constitutes science fiction, check the themes/categories wiki page here.

It goes without saying that my posts about these films will contain varying levels of SPOILERS. You have been warned.

SOPHFIFEST.com also runs monthly events (currently a watch party and book club). There are plans for a future annual SOPHFIFEST DIY Sci-Fi Film Festival to celebrate diversity and act as a forum for independent/DIY film makers. If this is you, or you would like to collaborate, get in contact.

Want to email me? The CONTACT page is here.

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