I’ve loved Science Fiction films since I was a kid. Every kid thinks they are weird and different, but when I used to watch Sci Fi, none of that really mattered because I was seeing things that were truly weird and different and amazing and confusing and beautiful and scary.

#SophFi came about in 2016 because I wanted to see more of sci fi films. I decided to make my way through the Timeout Top100 films list. I started by watching those I hadn’t seen, and will gradually rewatch the rest. Some of these reviews are ‘heritage’ reviews from that idea but I am adding more recent films and films outside of the 100, including those from different media!

It goes without saying that my posts about these films will contain varying levels of SPOILERS. You have been warned.

I’m also planning future events and a SOPHFIFEST Annual Film Festival to celebrate and watch Science Fiction and Fantasy film from DIY film makers. If this is you, get in contact. We’re planning SOPHFIFEST 2021 right now!

Want to email me? Contact me at: hello@sophfifest.com