Crimes of the Future [2022]

“Human evolution is the concern. That it’s going wrong. That it’s uncontrolled, it’s insurrectional. It might lead us to a bad place.”

Image description: The image says the following: Directors: David Cronenberg / Genres: Sci-fi Horror Surreal / Year: 2022 / Rating: *____ / Review: It’s all quite Cronenberg, isn’t it. I think if you’re a fan of his style of film then there will be something here for you, but if not you will find it full of plot holes, and a  grotesque, dull slog of a film. Interesting concept. Poorly executed. Too much time spent attempting to be provocative & nowhere near enough time spent on storyline. This film cost $27 million to make, was a flop at box office and for what? Did it need to be made? No. Would absolutely not recommend. Unless you want to spend about 2 hrs asking yourself why. 

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