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As part of a promo for Google Pixel 5, Google and British Film Institute are currently hosting a fun treasure hunt on Google Maps. What are the spoils, I hear you ask? Yarr me wenches! Tis but a fine free movie to watch. Worth its weight in GOLD yarr shiver me timbers etc….

I know what you’re thinking… why would I bother when I can get it for a fee on Amazon Prime?

Well, because it’s super fun! There’s nothing more satisfying (well, I can think of a few things actually but…) than a little quest to go with your film. And while all of us are at various stages of lockdown, it’s the closest thing to geocaching that some of us can get…

The categories have been split into Romance, Comedy, Period, Thriller and Drama, and they’ll be available to find for a limited time (until 10th December). Google are releasing clues every few days for the different genres. If you find it, you get a code you can use to watch the film (but there are limited codes so be quick)!

Looks like there are some cool Science Fiction/Fantasy (as well as Science and Horror) gems coming up like Shaun of the Dead, Moon, 28 Days Later, Attack the Block, A Clockwork Orange, The Wicker Man, Dog Soldiers, Children of Men, Under the skin and Steven Hawking biopic The Theory of Everything (and a whole lot more). It’s like Pokemon Go. GOTTA WATCH EM ALL. Or GOTTA WATCH WHICHEVER ONES YOU CAN BE BOTHERED TO SEARCH FOR. Either way.

There’s some more info here.

Get searching!

P.S. This is not an advertisement hahaha. Google do NOT need my help advertising this, but I just really like free movies and treasure hunts/puzzles 🙂 Enjoy!

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