Color Out of Space [2019]

“A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.”

I’ll be honest, when my bro suggested we watch this film, I was worried it would largely feature Nicholas Cage just being Nicholas Cage.. and I was not disappointed! Except space!

SPOILERS! So this ‘Cosmic Horror’ film centres on a family who have moved to a rural house in America and features a hydrologist named Ward, who – hilariously true to his name – ends up driving back with the cavalry to try to save the family from a bunch of scary stuff. There’s a lot of weird stuff going on. A meteor falls from the sky onto their lawn and inexplicably disappears. There’s a weird thing in the well that only the youngest can hear and is completely mesmerised by it. There are weird bugs. Flowers suddenly growing everywhere and no one seems to even question it. Gross out scenes. Wican. Scenes that will stay with you in your nightmares. And through it all, Nicholas Cage just being Nicholas Cage. Part of you doesn’t believe it is happening, that really they’re tripping balls because they drank the water that Ward says is contaminated, but gradually as you see through Ward’s eyes and his reactions to what is happening, you realise it’s real.

Also sidenote but important note, really adored that Ward was a black guy and that he was left last man standing. More of this.

All in all, really fun film, really really enjoyed it. Would definitely recommend.

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