Twelve Monkeys [1996]

“Cassandra in Greek legend, you recall, was condemned to know the future but to be disbelieved when she foretold it. Hence the agony of foreknowledge combined with the impotence to do anything about it.”

Watched Twelve Monkeys (#25 on the film4 list). Never ever seen it before. It was so freaking good I did a little cry when it had finished.

Think Science Fiction Noir, which seems to be Brucey’s fave (if you’ve seen Looper as well, you’ll see some similarities).

Lots of references throughout to time travel & memory. And lots of people trying to convince people that bad things are going to happen..

And of course, people not listening until it is too late. And those people even questioning themselves but ultimately being right.

Anyway. I LOVE LOVE LOVED it and am ashamed that I haven’t seen it before now.

A boy and his dog [1975]

“Ah war is hell.”

If you want to watch this, the full version is on YouTube 🙂

So I have found more and more that I am not a big fan of a lot of 70s sci-fi films; aggressive sexism is woven into 70s films that I don’t feel in other eras.

And this film was no different really. In fact, women were treated very disrespectfully in the film. Men were incredibly violent to them.

Even the dog was. Man’s best friend. I dunno. Liked the idea that the dog was telepathic but a lot was left unexplained…

Nice idea but not my thing. Soz mate.

Watched: 10/10/2016

Forbidden Planet [1956]

“Quiet please. I am analyzing.”

I can imagine if people had seen the film in the 50s, it would have looked utterly spectacular.

Such bright colour. Robby the robot (who due to Futurama’s influences, made me giggle & remember videotape robot every time I saw it).

Obviously evil goatie doc. The cartoonesque planet set made out of cardboard. Had some obvious 50s sexist rhetoric in there which was weird.

Only weird because it is woefully old fashioned but pretending to be the future. Like The Jetsons. Wow futuristic home appliances you say?

The lady will be pleased etc etc. But hey it was aired 63(!) Years ago. Mental. I thought it was an absolute joy to watch. Loved its guts.

War of the Worlds [1953]

“…fought with the terrible weapons of super-science, menacing all mankind and every creature on Earth, comes…The War of the Worlds!”

Watched War of the Worlds, the 1953 version, #29 on Film 4. Has a v theatrical, almost stage/set kind of a feel. It has dated v badly.

Hilariously, it won an academy award for its special effects at the time but it looks v crude looking at it now, 63 years later.

Funny how townsfolk were allowed to interact with the phenomena, which would never happen. One even poked it with a pointy stick!

I think the coolest thing about this film is that it was adapted from a book that was written in 1897. 119 years ago. WHAT?!

Really cool capture of the time with WWI/WWII & nuclear & all that on peeps minds. Worth a watch once. But found the adaption dull.

Westworld [1973]

“There’s no way to get hurt in here, just enjoy yourself.”

Loved it. Great aversion to technology/technology evolution film. OH NO THEY’VE BECOME SENTIENT!

Lots of feelings of foreboding and threats of what could be. The two main characters represent two sides. One very trusting and embracing.

One very cynical mind who eventually trusts but regrets. And a relentless robot dressed like a cowboy. What’s not to love. Watch it.