Slight detour – SCI-FI London Film Fest 2016!

I’ve taken a little detour from my scheduled entertainments to watch a couple films from this year’s London Sci-Fi fest.

Dolcezza Extrema followed sock puppet Pixws and his crew flying through space. IMO terrible. Plot pew pews all over the shop and really weakens the film. Relies on flash grenade type visuals to shock you into confusion that you enjoyed this film. Don’t be fooled. Burn it with fire. (Watched: 29/04/2016)

In Search of the Ultra-Sex. Surprisingly entertaining. Really well done dubbing of 100 vintage adult movies that has turned it into an actual sci fi film. Who’d have thought?! Really really well done. Would deffo watch again no question. (Watched: 29/04/2016)

Androids Dream. Different take on PKD’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’/Blade Runner. Much more bleak. I like that it looked at the androids humanity, which made their ‘retirement’ much more jarring. Worth a watch but don’t watch it with Blade Runner in mind, because they are nothing alike. (If you have a subscription to Mubi, watch it now! It’s on there for a limited time only.) (Watched: 01/05/2016)

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