Galaxy Quest [2000]

“By Grapthar’s hammer, you shall be avenged!”

Watched #34 Galaxy Quest from the Timeout list with Tim the toolman Taylor. Kind of ridiculous. Mostly a joke about Star Trek.

Decent enough to stand on its own. Tim plays a great The Shat aka smug commander. My favourite was Mathesar though.

What a guy-octopus.

Look at him!

Primer [2004]

“Aaron, I can imagine no way in which this thing could be considered anywhere remotely close to safe. All I know is I spent six hours in there and I’m still alive… You still want to do it?”

Whilst the science force was strong with this one, the film itself (due to its low budget, no doubt), looked and sounded as if it had been filmed by a potato. One inside a can. Not a fresh one.

Could barely hear the dialogue & thought it wasn’t well written. Even worse, the acting. In a way, it portrayed scientists realistically..

But that’s not enough to make it worthwhile. Would not recommend.

Sunshine [2007]

“This is Pinbacker… Commander of Icarus I. We have abandoned our mission. Our sun is dying. All our science, all our hopes, our genes, are foolish!”

Pretty stunning film. Very reminiscent of Event Horizon. It’s enough to steer you off serious missions in space.

No ta, mate. I’ll sit this one out. I have a feeling that everything will fall apart just like the previous mission. Dunno why.

Slight spoiler. Oops. Pretty great. Would watch again.

Dark Star [1974]

“In the beginning, there was darkness. And the darkness was without form, and void.”

An amusing jaunt into space. Feels very cardboard-set, which is no surprise..

Given when it was filmed. Weird aliens. Scientists who are less like scientists and more like bumbling dudes in space.

And *SPOILER* some bomb who wants to blow itself up only to be talked down by the crew. Unbelievable but a pretty fun watch.

Watched: Sometime in March I think. Exact date unknown.

Soylent Green [1973]

“Soylent Green is people!”

So, I knew the punchline from watching too much Futurama but still great. Charlton Heston is rather good.

Felt like a none-too-far-in-the-future future w food scarcity at the core. More like a detective film set in the future.

The rich guy’s apartment felt like the 70s, and some ideas of women were quite sexist/of its time otherwise pretty realistic future hue.

Overall, liked this classic a lot. P.S. I was expecting Soylent Green to look less like poker chips however.