Seconds [1966]

“I couldn’t help it, Charlie. I had to find out where I went wrong. The years I’ve spent trying to get all the things I was told were important – that I was supposed to want! Things! Not people… or meaning. Just things. And California was the same. They made the decisions for me all over again and they were the same things, really. It’s going to be different from now on. A new face and a name. I’ll do the rest. I know it’s going to be different. I suppose you do too.”

Watched Seconds, a 1966 film starring Rock Hudson. Started out with odd warped cinematography in places and also sort of confusing feel.

& for a bit you feel like this could be any film & then, SPOILERS, it turns into The Adjustment Bureau meets the worst pyramid scheme ever.

Really really good. Not like a lot of the recent films I’ve watched of late which are space & robots & aliens & dystopian futures.

More like sci fi plus horror plus thriller mixed into one. Good stuff.

Watched: 02/05/2016

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