Silent Running [1972]

“Every time we have the argument, you say the same thing to me, you give me the same three answers all the time, the same thing, “well, everybody has a job,” that’s always the last one. But, you know what else there is no more of, my friend, there is no more beauty, there is no more imagination, and there are no frontiers left to conquer, and do you know why? Only one reason why: one reason why, the same attitude that you three guys are giving me right here in this room today, and that is: nobody cares.”

Oddly whimsical tale of madness in space. With super adorable drones that I wanted to cuddle. Visual effects were pretty good for the time as it was a 70s film. Music though?

Odd Godspeed type warbling choice. Not what I would expect. But maybe just used to a different space sound. Funny Space Bros/Space Jerks.

Sort of Dark Star era of sci fi filmmaking so v DIY style which I like. Reminds me of Doctor Who. Overall quite odd but I liked it.

Watched: 10/04/2016

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